Broder Aerospace announce True Blue Power™ Reseller partnership

Advanced Power Inverters Converters Lithium ion USB Outlets

Broder Aerospace are proud to announce that we have been appointed by Mid Continent Instrument Co, Inc, based in the United States, as an official reseller of their True Blue Power™ range of Aviation & Marine power solutions.

Innovators in the design and manufacture of advanced power solutions, True Blue Power™ delivers next-generation USB charging ports, inverters, voltage converters, emergency power supplies and lithium-ion batteries to the global aviation and marine industry.

True Blue Power™ products are engineered to be highly-efficient, smaller and lighter than competing units, while delivering more power and requiring less maintenance.

All True Blue Power™ products are housed in a signature Blue casing and combine proven technology with the superior quality, ingenuity and decades of experience that customers have come to expect. For authentic True Blue Power products, look for the signature Blue casing. Trust the power of Blue.


The comprehensive True Blue Power™ product range of aviation power accessories is now available from Broder Aerospace. 

Featured below, a snapshot of the solutions available.

USB Charging Port
True Blue Power™ TA102 Series Dual USB Charging Port
Power Solutions - Battery Charger Tester
True Blue Power™ TT43 Battery Tester Charger

The TA102 Series USB chargers simultaneously provide 2 amps of power per charging port to any consumer product requiring a USB interface. Smartphones, tablets, iPads and electronic flight bags stay fully charged and connected to weather data, traffic, charts, approach plates and text communication. The compact TA102 Series is easy to install and leaves a small footprint in the panel or cabin wall.

The TT43 performs automatic capacity testing and recharges batteries in five hours or less. It features a dot matrix LCD display and microprocessor control to provide test status information and accurate results. The TT43 is able to test and charge two batteries at once.

Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions
True Blue Power™ Gen5 TB40 Advanced Lithium-ion Battery
Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions
True Blue Power™ TC280 AC-DC Converter

The TB40 lithium-ion aircraft battery offers on-condition maintenance and is configurable to meet the needs of each specific aircraft, including charge current limit, end-of-life capacity, minimum dispatch capacity and engine-start readiness. The intelligent battery systems communicate real-time, reliable and accurate state of charge and state of health. The TB40 weighs up to 60% less, and delivers more amps per pound, than any other battery. This translates into more power for engine starts, more energy for emergency and back-up power, ultra-fast recharge and much longer life.

The highly efficient TC280 AC-to-DC Converter produces 280 watts of power from an aircraft’s 115 VAC input. Engineered to run cooler and featuring a fanless design, the TC280 saves energy and reduces weight. It produces enough energy to power electronic equipment throughout the aircraft, including in-seat, cabin and cockpit power applications.

Broder Aerospace welcome enquiries from the global Aerospace & Defence market, including Land & Marine system requirements.

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