Tent Air Conditioning

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Tent Air Conditioning Solutions for Military Camp & Field Hospital applications

Tent Air Conditioning
Tent Air Conditioning

Gökser Machine Industrial Co Ltd have been manufacturing Thermacool™ Tent Air Conditioning that meet NATO system requirements for mobile tents / camps for over 30 years.

These can either be “off the shelf” or a bespoke design service is available to meet specific climate conditions.

Accordingly, Thermacool™ units have the capacity to climate control an entire tent with a single unit. The design ensures an even distribution of the desired temperature, even to the middle of the tent, therefore ensuring comfort in varying conditions.

  • Tent Air Conditioning solutions are available for single or multiple tent structures.
  • Each system is designed to operate as a fully closed, towable, trailer.
  • Air temperature provided by the system to the mobile hospital can be adjusted to the desired temperature via a control panel located inside the unit.
  • For increased efficiency, the hot or cold air system can be regulated as a closed cycle if required.

Demand for mobile heating systems is increasing and Gökser Makina has invested heavily in R&D activities over the years to improve operating efficiency of mobile heating-cooling systems. The latest design combines cooling via condenser-evaporator components, with heating via diesel burner heating equipment.

Thermacool™ provide systems that meet the requirement for air in clean room standards that may arise in hospitals or in any field or military application.

Supplied with a 2 Year Thermacool™  Warranty along with a guarantee that spare parts will be available for 15 years from the initial delivery of system, therefore allowing peace of mind for a long service life.

Mobile Heating

In addition to Tent Air Conditioning systems, the Thermacool™ range of products include Mobile Heater solutions.

  • Independently Diesel powered by a coupled Generator, in a closed body trailer system design.
  • Suitable for use in temperature range -32° / +55°C NATO operating conditions.
Mobile Heating Systems