Sourced Services & Other Products - Overview

Broder Aerospace seeks to be different.

Our ambition is to be the “go to” resource for anything that our customers have difficulty in finding: whether this is a sourcing service for material grades that cannot be found, aerospace and defence materials or GSE products and services that we can supply to make our customer’s life easier.

We have extensive knowledge of aerospace products, and enthusiasm to succeed. We also believe that long lasting relationships require a personal touch, the highest service levels and trust, are the way to carry on business.

We can also extend our desire to be the best to reaching out to potential suppliers who need a UK-based distributor to help grow their business or a warehouse base to ease supply issues: we are willing to talk about how we, or our warehouse – virtually in the centre of the UK and 5 minutes from the central motorway network – can help. Proof is in our comprehensive Distribution agreement with Gökser Makiner to distribute their range of Thermacool™ GSE and Techniflex™ industrial hoses.

So, if you are struggling to find something, or are a producer with supply issues – please contact us.