Ground Power Units (GPU) and Pre Conditioned Air Systems (PCA)

Power Units, whether GPU or PCA Systems, are available in mobile form and employ the use of a mounted Genset that independently supplies power where required without local power supply restrictions.

These units are available for both Commercial and Military Defence sectors, and fixed and rotary wing aircraft are generally supported within the Thermacool™ product range.

We can also supply approved mobile ACU (and optional GPU units) units for the following small, mid-body and large bodied commercial aircraft platforms:

Category C: – Small body aircraft, low capacity mobile ACU units

  • ATR-72
  • Airbus A-319
  • Boeing B-737/400

Category D: – Medium body aircraft

  • Airbus A-300
  • Boeing B-737/400
  • Boeing B-767
Ground power units

Category E: – Large body, dual isle aircraft, GPU options available

  • Boeing B-777
  • Boeing B-747
  • Airbus A-340

Category F: – Jumbo body aircraft, High capacity mobile PCA unit available

  • Airbus A-380
  • Boeing B-747/800

These mobile systems can be supplied with separate chassis units or can be combined together within a space saving compact single chassis design.

PCA GPU Military Helicopter

We welcome your PCA or PCA/GPU Combo unit enquiries for aircraft platforms not listed and can offer a comprehensive design service via our manufacturing partner, Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd.