Ground Support Equipment

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Broder Aerospace is the exclusive distribution of Thermacool™ GSE products in the UK, Belgium & The Netherlands region.

Thermacool™ products are manufactured by Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd in Ankara, Turkey.

Aircraft of any type require Ground Support Equipment (GSE) from arrival to departure for efficient turnaround, saving time and cost. GSE is available in many forms, including Access, Refuelling, Push Back Tugs and Tractors, Towing, Belt Loaders, Ground Power Units (GPU) and Pre Conditioned Air Systems (PCA), as well as a wide range of hardware to maintain the infrastructure at peak performance.

As the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands distributor for Gökser Makiner products we can offer the following Thermacool™ products:

The products listed below have been assigned NSN (NATO Stock Number) codification:

DescriptionOriginal Part/Ref No.Data CodifiedNSN
Complete Helicopter HeaterGSE 1-325/08/20161660-27-064-4605
Filter Heater35600025/08/2016GSN
Fuel Heater FilterSP 430 M25/08/20162910-27-024-5195
Speed Control DeviceGMD-00220525/08/20166130-27-064-4602
Hose, AirDuct01-01-406FR31/10/20014720-22-600-8882
Hose, AirDuct02-04-102FR31/10/20014720-00-007-0422
Hose, AirDuct07-01-21031/10/20014720-00-004-2247
Hose, AirDuct07-01-203FR31/10/20014720-01-272-5744
Hose, AirDuctK-A331/10/20014720-22-600-8879
Heating System, TentG200-350H17/12/20174520-01-500-1534

Climate Management equipment

Thermacool™ Climate Management Systems offer portable air conditioning units with flexible hose connections that can be used in different environmental conditions such as desert, forest or open terrain. Thermacool™ Air Conditioning Units are suitable for many different applications besides the air conditioning of tents and field hospitals, for example:

  • Fairs, Exhibitions etc
  • Aid Organization field camps
  • Emergency and Natural Disaster Response Organization field camps

General Product features:

  • Functional design with easy transport options built in.
  • Aluminium or steel chassis can be specified upon request.
  • The whole system is designed to be delivered and installed as one unit, and be instantly ready for use.
  • Both fresh air and proportioned circulating air system options are available.
  • Indoor units can be separated so that the device can operate in CBRN / KBRN (Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear Hazardous Materials) environments.
  • All instrument panels can be protected from rain and dust ingress.

There are three major types of climate management systems offered – please see individual product pages:

Military Camp Air Conditioning

Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning

Mobile Heaters 

The Thermacool™ Ground Power Units & Pre Conditioned Air systems are available for both Commercial and Military Defence sectors, and both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft are supported.

Read more about available pop-up and hatch pit systems here.

We welcome your enquiries. To discuss your requirements, or for a quotation please telephone 0114 349 3595, email or send an enquiry through the contact page.