Bar Stock

Broder Metals Group Ltd carries a wider range of bar stock in stainless steels, nickel and cobalt alloys for fastener manufacture, general engineering, oil and gas applications, and pump and valve manufacture. Broder supplements the stock with conversion, machining and testing services to supply product that meets the customer’s demanding technical requirements.

Broder Aerospace maintains the following stock grades – please click on the AMS grade code for technical details. We offer the same philosophy as our parent – Global Reach with a Personal Touch and speed of reaction: on quoting, order handling and despatch.

AMS / BS CodeCommon NameUNSASTM CodeConditionSize Range (diameter)
Precipitation Hardened Stainless
562913-8PHS13800Solution Annealed with H1000 capability results12.7 mm
– 140 mm
5659 Type 1 & Type 215-5PHS15500A564Condition A & H1025A – 9.5 mm
– 152.4 mm
H1025: 12.7 mm
– 152.4 mm
17-4PHS17400A564Condition A & H1025A: 9.5 mm
-203.2 mm
H1025: 12.7 mm
– 254 mm
Stainless Steels
5645321S3210Annealed6.35 mm
– 304.8 mm
S80D + AMD 14978S80DHardened & Tempered19.05 mm -127 mm
5646BS S130D / 347S34700Solution Annealed12.7 mm – 139.7 mm
Nickel Alloys
5666625N06625B446Annealed12.7 mm – 320 mm
5662718N07718Solution Annealed9.525 mm – 200 mm
5663718N07718B637Solution Annealed & Aged25.4 mm – 177.8 mm
Cobalt Alloys
5844MP35N™ / ATI 35N™R30035Solution Annealed and Cold Drawn with AMS 5845 Ageing capability results11.735 mm – 50.8 mm
Other grades: if you do not see what you need, please ask or search Broder Metals Group Ltd’s stock range for your requirements

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