Pop Up Pit Systems

Pop up pit systems offer the same services as conventional mobile units with the advantage of being hidden away at surface level and raised when required.

The Pop Up Pit System option requires less manpower required to operate, with a reduced risk of damage to aircraft.  Valuable surface space saving and easy access reduce turnaround time to the minimum.

Pop up pit system

Another option is the Hatch Pit System:


Hatch Pit Systems employ a fully mechanical cover system that employs the counterweight principle for easy access.

The Hatch Pit System can easily be manually lifted with a maximum lifting load capability of 15kg and a ‘Drive Over’ capacity to handle 90 tonnes.

We have direct liaison with the Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd design team who will oversee manufacture according to the specific customer requirement, while Broder Aerospace can also manage the entire project from start to finish on your behalf.