Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning

Mobile hospital air conditioning

These systems are built to meet the specific field type use. Each system is designed to operate as a fully closed, towable, trailer (equipped with rubber wheels and scissor suspension to minimise vibration and allow units to reach their destination in rough terrain conditions).

Air temperature provided by the system to the mobile hospital can be adjusted to the desired temperature via a control panel located inside the unit. To increase efficiency, the hot or cold air production system can also be regulated as a closed cycle if desired. Here, the air in the hospital is transmitted via air transport hoses and directed inside the tent by reheating or cooling inside the unit. Fresh air requirements can be met from the external environment via adjustable flaps.

Thermacool™ provides systems that can meet the need for air in clean room standards that may arise in hospitals in any field and in any military application.

Supplied with a 2 Year Thermacool™  Warranty along with a guarantee that spare parts will be available for 15 years from initial delivery of system for peace of mind.