Military Air Conditioners & HVAC Climate Control

Military Tent HVAC Heating Cooling

Military Air Conditioners & HVAC Climate Control Solutions that meet NATO system requirements have been manufactured by Gokser for over 30 years.

These can either be “off the shelf” or bespoke designs to meet specific climate conditions.

The air conditioning systems produced for military tents are connected to air inlets located at the rear of the tents and direct the conditioned air into the tent through specially insulated hoses. The systems can be adjusted to provide the individually desired output temperature or can be set to be fully automatic.

Thermacool™ units have the capacity to climate control an entire tent with a single unit. The design ensures an even distribution of the desired temperature, even to the middle of the tent.

If air conditioning of more than one tent is required, Thermacool™ air conditioning solutions that can designed and built to provide air conditioning to multiple tents simultaneously and efficiently.

Supplied with a 2 Year Thermacool™  Warranty along with a guarantee that spare parts will be available for 15 years from initial delivery of system for peace of min