Ground Support Equipment

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Broder Aerospace is the exclusive distributor of Thermacool™ Ground Support Equipment products in the UK, Belgium & The Netherlands region.

Thermacool™ products are manufactured by Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd in Ankara, Turkiye.

The Thermacool™ range of Ground Support Equipment product includes the following:

  • Climate Management Equipment
  • Mobile Ground Power Units (GPU)
  • Mobile Pre Conditioned Air Systems (PCA)
  • Pop Up & Hatch Pit Systems combining GPU & PCA solutions

Our partner, Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd supply Fixed & Rotary Wing solutions for Commercial & Military applications, with a wide ranging customer base, supported since 1987.

As the UK, Belgium and The Netherlands distributor for Gökser Makiner products we can offer the following Thermacool™ products:

The materials listed below have been assigned NSN (NATO Stock Number) codification:

DescriptionOriginal Part/Ref No.Data CodifiedNSN
Complete Helicopter HeaterGSE 1-325/08/20161660-27-064-4605
Filter Heater35600025/08/2016GSN
Fuel Heater FilterSP 430 M25/08/20162910-27-024-5195
Speed Control DeviceGMD-00220525/08/20166130-27-064-4602
Hose, AirDuct01-01-406FR31/10/20014720-22-600-8882
Hose, AirDuct02-04-102FR31/10/20014720-00-007-0422
Hose, AirDuct07-01-21031/10/20014720-00-004-2247
Hose, AirDuct07-01-203FR31/10/20014720-01-272-5744
Hose, AirDuctK-A331/10/20014720-22-600-8879
Heating System, TentG200-350H17/12/20174520-01-500-1534

Climate Management Systems

Thermacool™ Climate Management Systems offer portable air conditioning units with flexible hose connections that can be used in different environmental conditions such as desert, forest or open terrain. Thermacool™ Air Conditioning Units are suitable for many different applications besides the air conditioning of tents and field hospitals, for example:

  • Fairs, Exhibitions etc
  • Aid Organization field camps
  • Emergency and Natural Disaster Response Organization field camps

General Product features:

  • Functional design with easy transport options built in.
  • Aluminium or steel chassis can be specified upon request.
  • The whole system is designed to be delivered and installed as one unit, and be instantly ready for use.
  • Both fresh air and proportioned circulating air system options are available.
  • Indoor units can be separated so that the device can operate in CBRN / KBRN (Chemical Biological Radiation and Nuclear Hazardous Materials) environments.
  • All instrument panels can be protected from rain and dust ingress.

There are three major types of climate management systems offered – please see individual product pages:

Military Camp Air Conditioning

Mobile Hospital Air Conditioning

Mobile Heaters 

The Thermacool™ Ground Power Units & Preconditioned Air systems are available for both Commercial and Military Defence sectors, and both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft are supported.

Read more about available pop-up and hatch pit systems here.

We welcome your enquiries. To discuss your requirements, or for a quotation please telephone 0114 349 3595, email or send an enquiry through the contact page.