UNS S13800



We stock round bar, solution annealed with H1000 capability results. This material is used for products requiring corrosion resistance, particularly stress-corrosion resistance.

The material has high strength up to 316oC, and good ductility and strength in the transverse direction in large section sizes, although usage is not limited to such applications.


Condition A with H1000 capability results: – 12.7 mm dia – 142.4 mm dia


There are two classifications of AMS5629:

  • Type 1 – where the steel has been multiple melted using vacuum consumable electrode remelting (e.g. VAR) in the final melt cycle.
  • Type 2 – where the steel has been multiple melted using electroslag remelting (e.g. ESR) in the final melt cycle.

Note: if a Type is not specified, Type 1 is to be supplied.


Classes are defined by the maximum amount of Delta Ferrite content in the material:

  • Class A – Maximum 0.5% free ferrite
  • Class B – Maximum 1.0% free ferrite
  • Class C – Maximum 2.0% free ferrite

Note: if a class is not specified, any class may be supplied


Material is premium aircraft-quality conforming to AMS2300.

Tolerances conform to applicable requirements of AMS2241.


< 0.05< 0.10< 0.10< 0.010< 0.00812.25 – 13.257.50 – 8.502.00 – 2.500.90 – 1.35< 0.010


Multiple melted using vacuum induction practice followed by either vacuum consumable electrode remelting (Type 1) or electroslag remelting (Type 2) in the final melt cycle.


Centreless ground or turned after solution heat treatment.

Bars are not cut from plate.


Solution Treated by heating to 913oC – 941oC, holding for a time commensurate with section thickness and equipment used, followed by cooing to below 16oC.

Pyrometry is in accordance with AMS2750.

Samples are precipitation heat treated to achieve H1000 (aged) condition by heating at 532o C- 544oC for 4.0-4.5 hours and cooled in air.


Macrostructure: visually examined (using hot hydrochloric acid as an etchant) in accordance with ASTM A604. The macrostructure should show no pipe or cracks. Porosity, segregation, inclusions, or other imperfections for product less than 523 cm2 in nominal cross-sectional area to be no worse than the following severities as per ASTM A604:

2White SpotsA
3Radial SegregationA
4Ring PatternB

Porosity, segregation, inclusions, or other imperfections for product greater than 523 cm2 in nominal cross-sectional area to be no worse than that of product less than 523 cm2 in nominal cross-sectional area or as agreed.

Microstructure: does not contain more than the free ferrite for the applicable Class. The amount of free ferrite in the material is as determined according to AMS2315

Tensile Properties:

Minimum Tensile StrengthMinimum Yield strength at 0.2% OffsetMinimum Elongation in 2” or 4dMinimum Reduction of AreaHardness
Solution Heat Treated<363 HB, determined at 1/4T
As Condition H1000
Longitudinal direction (up to 63.5 mm dia)2051901050
Transverse direction (63.5 mm – 305 mm diameter)2051901040

A “-“ indicates no requirement for the property.

Grain size: ASTM No. 5 or finer for sizes up to 76.2 mm diameter, or ASTM No. 4 or finer for sizes above 76.2 mm diameter.

Full material traceability, with anti-counterfeit measures, is maintained at all times, and full certification is provided, including producer’s name and country where the material was melted.

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