Power Solutions – Defence & Special Missions

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Broder Aerospace act as an appointed reseller of
True Blue Power™ Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions

The True Blue Power™  Power Solutions – Defence & Special Missions range includes the following:

Lithium -ion Battery Solutions

Emergency Power

Power Conversion

AC & DC Power

Custom Bespoke Solutions

Engineered for high efficiency, smaller & lighter than competing units, as a result,
True Blue Power™ Power Solutions – Defence & Special Missions products deliver more power
with less maintenance required.

All True Blue Power™  products are housed in a signature Blue casing and combine proven technology with superior quality, that is first and foremost demanded by the global Aerospace & Defence Industry.

True Blue Power™ products are available to support both Fixed and Rotary Wing platforms, as a result of this, we offer a comprehensive range of products for limitless applications.

Equally important, products within the True Blue Power™ range can be adapted in addition to a full bespoke service available if so required by the project.

The examples shown below are a snapshot of the wide range of platforms supported and with this in mind, additional information if required can be found by following the link below:

Defense and Special Missions | True Blue Power® (truebluepowerusa.com)

DHC-8 Multi Mission
DHC-8 Multi Mission Aircraft: TB44 Lithium-ion Battery & T1500 Inverter
U.S. Navy T-44C Pegasus
U.S. Navy / T-44C Pegasus: TS835 Power Supply
MQ-4C: TI254 Inverter and TC120 Converter
Featured below, a selection of Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions from the range as employed in various projects
USB Charging Port
Power Solutions - Battery Charger Tester

True Blue Power™

TA102 Series Dual USB Charging Port

The TA102 Series USB charger simultaneously provide 2 amps of power per charging port to any consumer product requiring a USB interface, as a result, all user demands are covered, for example Mobile Phones, Tablets, Portable Navigation Systems can be powered and charged.

True Blue Power™

TT43 Battery Tester Charger

The TT43 performs automatic capacity testing and because of this, can recharge batteries in five hours or less.

It features a dot matrix LCD display and microprocessor control in order to provide test status information and most importantly accurate results.

Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions
Power Solutions - Defence & Special Missions

True Blue Power™

Gen5 TB40 Advanced Lithium-ion Battery

The TB40 lithium-ion aircraft battery offers on-condition maintenance and is configurable to meet the needs of each specific aircraft.

This includes charge current limit, end-of-life capacity, minimum dispatch capacity and engine-start readiness.

The intelligent battery systems communicate real-time, reliable and accurate state of charge and state of health.

The TB40 weighs up to 60% less, and therefore provides more amps per pound, than any other battery.

As a result, this translates into more power for engine starts, more energy for emergency and back-up power, ultra-fast recharge and most importantly, much longer life

True Blue Power™

TC280 AC-DC Converter

The highly efficient TC280 AC-to-DC Converter produces 280 watts of power from an aircraft’s 115 VAC input.

Engineered to run cooler and featuring a fanless design, the TC280 saves energy and reduces weight.

In consequence, it produces enough energy to power electronic equipment throughout the aircraft, including in-seat, cabin and cockpit power applications.

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