Policies, Certifications & Awards

Policies, Certifications & Awards are key components in bridging between our valued suppliers, Broder Aerospace and in hand, our equally valued customers.

Compliant to our AS9120B Certification, suppliers, are strictly vetted and monitored to ensure continuous high levels of service.

The Aerospace and Defence industry is one of the most demanding and complex sectors in the world, requiring high levels of precision, reliability, safety and performance from its products and services.

Quality standards are essential to ensure that these requirements are met and that customer satisfaction is achieved.

These standards are also important for regulatory compliance, risk management, innovation and competitiveness.

By following these quality standards, Broder Aerospace clearly demonstrates our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in line with our company ethos ‘Global Reach, Personal Touch’.

Policies, Certifications & Awards are held on behalf of Broder Aerospace by its parent company, 

Broder Metals Group 

Policies Certifications Awards - Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Policies Certifications Awards - Fit 4 Nuclear
Fit 4 Nuclear Achieved 2023

We are proud to support our supplier quality approved customers that include the following

Leonardo Helicopters UK
BAE Systems - Air
Raytheon Technologies RTX Logo
RTX QDL Approved Distributor
RTX QDL Approved Distributor
RTX QDL Approved Distributor

Aerospace & Defence Capability Registrations

Policies Certifications Awards - JOSCAR
Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register
Policies Certifications Awards - SAM.GOV

Proud members of the following trade associations

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