Managed MRO Service

Managed MRO Service

Managed MRO Service offered by Broder Aerospace allows a ‘One Stop’ fully traceable capability to take the headache out of material servicing

  Broder Aerospace via NAASCO offer the following Managed MRO Service capabilities:

  • Skurka Starter Generators
  • Power Relays & Contactors
  • Inverters
  • Converters
  • Power Supplies & GCU’s
  • Lavatory & Water Pumps
  • Fans
  • Actuators
  • Windshield Wiper Motors
  • Landing Light Motor Support

NAASCO’s Capabilities extend to the helicopter, fixed wing, commercial, private, law enforcement and military arenas. They extend globally to many countries and continents.

Since 1984 NAASCO’s technical and engineering improvements have revolutionized the Starter Generator industry. First and foremost, Regional Airlines, Helicopter and Corporate Operators around the world have benefited from NAASCO’s innovations.  In fact, these innovations have led to 1,000 hour intervals between overhauls on a wide variety of starter generators and we are currently testing our next phase of improvements that are projected to reach 2,000 TBO

Mercury Mod

What is a Mercury Mod? NAASCO has received FAA approval to incorporate certain modifications for a variety of 150-amp, 160-amp, 200-amp and 400-amp starter generators manufactured by Skurka (formerly APC) and Lucas/Goodrich. This series of upgrades, dubbed our “Mercury Mod™” and “Mercury Mod Phase II™ upgrades.

In addition to receiving our exclusive ETR™ FAA-PMA carbon brushes, your modified starter generator is fitted with a variety of proprietary elements. In many instances, modifications include machining new air passages in the units’ drive-end and antidrive-end end bells. These elements, in addition to our advanced repair processes, serves a dual role to improve airflow past the carbon brushes and brush boxes while drastically improving the internal cooling of your starter generator. Trace amounts of carbon dust generated by our ETR carbon brushes is exhausted to complete the cooling function. Our unparalleled upgrades substantially increase starter generator reliability and greatly reduce operator maintenance costs and  overhead.

The overall parameters, characteristics and part numbers remain the same. As with our ETR-20™ improvements, all starter generators overhauled and upgraded with our MOD programs are backed by NAASCO’s 1,000-hour, “No Brush Change” warranty. Overhauls are performed in accordance with OEM component maintenance manuals as well as NAASCO’s strict ETR-20™ and ETR-25™ guidelines. Each of our FAA and EASA approved, flight-tested and trend monitored programs ensure that your starter generator is cleaned, lubricated and tested using the latest state-of-the-art materials and processes